It has been almost six months since I purchased the domain – well, I can’t resist since it is on sale!

After few months of telling myself to work on my own website and few futile attempts, I decided to spare some time yesterday to finally build this.

So why Jekyll?

Because it’s cool!

Aside from that, all I have in hand is a domain purchased on GoDaddy and a GitHub account.

What I need for a website is a platform that mainly:

  1. gives me global presence as a frontend Engineer
  2. provides space for me to write about anything – technology, dogs, modern calligraphy, etc.

However, this is not my first website using Jekyll. Early last year, a friend of mine asked me to create a website for her volunteer works on a small town in Bohol – and she only got a domain.. again.. just.. like.. me.. Wordpress would be nice for that project but that would be an overkill since this site requires only initial setup for contents and few posts once in a while.

I have been publishing websites using gh-pages for some jQuery plugins I created on GitHub. Though gh-pages is not enough since one of our spec is creating posts once in a while. And I don’t plan to manually create the pages.. duh!

After few readings and “stockoverflowing”, I managed to build bigsmilesforthelittleones for her.

So now for my website, I am quite sure of what I wanted and what I needed. summary


  • Purchased on GoDaddy (

Blogging platform

  • Jekyll

GitHub repository


Video background